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The Parker Colorado area experts at The Key Home Team have just introduced the most comprehensive market analysis ever offered to the public!  You can now see the statistics and trends of over 20 Parker subdivisions.  A quick look of the map will show you how each subarea is doing in terms of Sales Price ($), Number of Sales (#s), Days on Market (DOM), Months of Inventory (MOI)


Map Example

How to interpret the map:

#1 Green means good news for the seller/ bad news for the buyer and red means good news for the buyer/ bad news for the seller.

#2 A green line around a subdivision means the sales prices are trending up.  A red line means sales prices are trending down

4 Boxes
The four symbol boxes above show the fourindicators we track for our reports describing the subdivision as a whole:

  • $ sign pertains to the Sales Price (The darker the green the greater the appreciation and the darker the red the greater the depreciation)
  • # sign shows trend for # of Sales (The darker the green the greater the increase in sales from previous year and the darker the red the greater the decrease in sales from the previous year.)
  • D gives Days on Market (how long it takes to go under contract) Green indicates DOM are going down, while red indicates DOM are going up from previous year.
  • M is for Months of Inventory (How many months to sell current active properties) Red indicates buyer’s market (over 7) and green indicates seller’s market (under 5).

Remember: for sellers, green boxes are positive while red boxes are negative and the opposite goes for buyers. The white box means there was no significant change. 

#4 We also track the trends by homes size.  This is important information as an area may be trending downward as a whole while at the same time; the medium and small homes could be selling quite well and appreciating.


Large House
This symbol represents large homes  that are over 3000 finished square feet.  This example shows the home is trending up in both sales price and down in sales numbers, There is no significant change in Days on Market and the Months of Inventory is over 10 (favoring buyers).



Medium House
This symbol represents medium sized homes

that are between 2000 and 2999 finished square feet.  (This example shows the home is no significant change in sales price but slightly up and trending down sale numbers.)

Small House
This symbol represents small sized homes
that are less than 2000 finished square feet. (This example shows the home is trending down in Sales Price and has had no significant change in Sales number of Sales but is slightly down .)  Note: No arrow indicates that numbers are exactly the same

To see the actual numbers and more detailed information for a specific area; just click on a subdivision name and you will receive a comprehensive report:

Section #1 shows overall trends of subdivision from first period to second period.  The periods will normally be running totals for a year.  Report will show Average Sales Price, Total Sales for those periods.  In additions it will show # of bank own sales, # of HUD Sales and Average Days on Market (DOM) and Months of Inventory (MOI): 
SR Sample Box

Sub Stats

Section #2 shows the same stats but broken down by large, medium and small homes:

Sub Size Stats

Color Code for each indicators


Sales $

Sales #




6% or Greater

30% or Greater

-25% or less

less than 3

Lt. Green

4 to 5.9%

20 to 29.9%

-15 to 24.9%

3 to 3.99

Xtra Lt. Green

1 to 3.9%

10 to 19.9%

-5 to 14.9%

4 to 4.99


-1 to +0.9%

-10 to 9.9%

5 to -4.9%

5 to 7.99

Lt. Pink

-3 to -0.9%

-20 to +-9.9%

15 to 4.9%

8 to 8.99


-6 to -2.9%

-30 to -199%

25 to 14.9%

9 to 9.99


– 6% or less

– 30% or less

25 or more

over 10


Grade Pic
Grade is assigned by Key Home Team using its own algorithm. The S indicates it is a seller’s market and where a B indicates it is a buyer’s market.  The larger the number the stronger the seller’s or buyer’s market it is.

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