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When you see ground breaking for a new building in town, are you like me—dying to know what it’s going to be? What did you think when Boston Market was demolished? At first, it looked like we’d just have more parking space, but then the shell of a retail establishment appeared. Will it be something I want? What do I want anyway? Another few weeks and more clues emerged. There’s a drive through- must be a bank! Just what Parker needs, another bank. There were only four on that block to begin with. Well, since that’s what we’re getting, will it be my bank…?

If you don’t want to know the end of story, stop reading now. But if you want to find out what’s in store for that spot and for the rest of Parker, read on!

This particular bank is going to be a Key Bank. The Compass Bank is close to relocating from downtown Parker to the Best/Staples shopping center (11239 Pikes Peak Drive).

Penny pinchers will be delighted to know that a Dollar Tree and a Goodwill store are schedule to open their doors on Saturday, May 8th at the old Kacey Furniture building on S. Parker Road. If that wasn’t enough for the budget minded, in June, we will also get a new Salvation Army store at the northwest corner of Twenty Mile Road and Lincoln Meadows Parkway near Lowes. Works for me! Good-as-new three dollar jeans for my fast growing kids sure beats the prices at the mall!

And last but not least, for the cultured among us, we just had the ground breaking ceremony for the new Parker Arts, Cultural and Events (PACE) Center. The PACE center is a proposed 53,000 square foot, 48-foot tall structure that includes a 500 seat main theater. The property is currently zoned GDD – Greater Downtown within the Historic Center. The site is located at the southeast corner of Pine Drive and Mainstreet.

If you want to find out more and know what’s coming next, check out all the approved projects.  Click on the Parker Active Development Map.


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